UNITED NATIONS’ DAY MR. and MS. Eco Tourism 2017

The other competition organized by the SAMAKA last October 27, 2017 as part of their program was the “Mister and Miss Eco Tourism of 2017” where the escorts and muses from each section dress up to represent the regions they got. The twist in this contest; however, is that the costumes must be made from recycled materials, hence the term “Eco” in Eco Tourism. The objectives of the search for Mister and Miss Eco Tourism are of course, to make sure that the costumes made are cost-efficient and to be able to represent the culture of the said regions through the use of clothes and accessories. The junior high school students did the regions justice, and blew the audience away as they flaunted their clothes inside the gymnasium. The students cheered for their section’s candidates as they modeled the outfits and depicted the regional clothing they’re representing. The Junior High School Department was alive and loud during the program, and until the announcing of winners for the contest. The winners for the best in costume award were the siblings Anyzia and Maximus Fernandez, thus locking their places as winners in their grade level. The other winners for Mr. and Ms. Eco Tourism 2017 are:

Mr. and Ms. Eco Tourism 2017  BEST in COSTUMES

Anyzia Mae S.  Fernadez from G7 Benevolence and Maximus Fernandez of  G8 Felicity

Grade 7  Mr. and Ms. Eco Tourism 2017

Ishmael Paul B. Grande, G7 – Humility and  Anyzia Mae S.  Fernadez  of G7 Benevolence

Grade 8  Mr. and Ms. Eco Tourism 2017

Maximus S. Fernandez, G8 Felicity and Kassandra Joy Arcalas of G8 Gratitude


Grade 9  Mr. and Ms. Eco Tourism 2017

Reno Quilang, G9 Prominence  and Chrisjen Calizon of  G9 Piety

Grade 9  Mr. and Ms. Eco Tourism 2017

Lester De Sesto and  Angel Gime of G10 Serenity



 Flores, M.J (2017, October 27) Mr. and Ms. Eco Tourism  2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photos cc to: photography and ABC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        layout: ABC

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