LIVING ROSARY as a part of the OLLC family, all Catholic and Christian students from all grade levels in Our Lady of Lourdes College have always participated and showed their faith in God through monthly masses, the celebration of Jesus and Mary’s birthdays, and the yearly living rosaries here at our Alma Mater. The annual living rosary is usually held every 7th of October, but due to the fact that this year’s October 7 will fall on Saturday, the OLLC ministry decided to hold the living rosary on October 6, 2017 instead. Our Lady of Lourdes College’s Campus Ministry helped in preparing the gymnasium by arranging 61 chairs to form a rosary, by placing candles and round blue and white papers to the floor, and by tying balloons to the chairs. These things are all meant to symbolize one thing: that OLLCians will always give time and importance to their faith and their religion, for it is a part of our culture as Filipinos and as children of God. Of course, this tradition is expected to continue over the years, whether we remain at Our Lady of Lourdes College students or not. The most important thing to remember is one of the most important values we have. Let us never forget to rekindle our faith every single day by communicating with God. And with or without rosaries, let us always carry our faith with us.

-Marthyna Flores

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