Election of Club Officers


On July 7, 2017, the Junior High School department conducted their very first club meeting for the school year 2017-2018. An election of officers was held at the designated club rooms. The officers were elected by their fellow club members, who trust that they will be able to do their duty to the club, so that their club’s goals are achieved. Our Lady of Lourdes College of Valenzuela has several clubs that a junior high school student can join. Here are the primary clubs:


Organization of New Entrepreneurs

The ONE Club’s members share a common interest in the TLE (Technology and Livelihood) subject, and on the month of July, the ONE Club organizes activities focusing on raising awareness about nutrition and health. This club doesn’t just concentrate on nutrition, health, and cookery. As the acronym suggests, the members of this club engage in their club’s activities such as the selling of the products that they produce. And since this academic club is about the TLE subject, the members also learn about maternity, having a good nutrition and healthy diet.


Is an academic club whose specialization is our very own language which is Filipino. This club focuses on teaching students the proper usage of our language in an intriguing way. Every month of August, the members of this club thinks of interesting activities that teaches us how to acknowledge and appreciate our mother tongue.


AIMS or the Alliance of Inspired Mathematical Students has its specialization focused in the field of Mathematics. This club may sound boring but it is definitely not because of its very creative way of analyzing problems. They feature a lot of Mathematical Contests during the month of September.


SCIFI or Simple Calculations In Finding Intelligence is an Academic club specialized in the field of Science. The club focuses on answering some of the most intriguing questions in the world in a fun and creative way. This club offers a variety of events from cosplaying to jingles and races during the month of September. The SCIFI Club organizes these events together with AIMS.


Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Kasaysayan

The SAMAKA is the academic club that is centered on Social Studies. On October, this club plans events that can truly get everyone involved. One event during the United Nations month is the dance competition of every grade level in the junior high school department. Each level presents a phenomenal dance routine that can astound anyone who watches. The SAMAKA, in charge of the events, ensures that their activities live up to the theme of the month, and that their activities enable the students to understand the different cultures of different nations.


Proficiency in English and Communication for Excellence

This club focuses on honing the junior high school students’ skills in communicating, reading, writing, and listening in English. Its members are proud of their bond; they treat each other as more than just acquaintances, they are the members of one family, an association that they will always be a part of forever, welcoming any new members with open arms.
On November, the school celebrates the English Month where the PEACE Club members and coordinators are in charge. The club makes sure that the students of Our Lady of Lourdes College understand the importance of English as a language and literature.


SECA  is a club that focuses on teaching students a wide variety of sports. This club also teaches the importance of sportsmanship. SECA’s most famous event would be the intramurals where students compete with one another through sports.


The Arts and Crafts Club’s coordinators and officers work together to develop their member’s creativity and artistic abilities. By conducting activities involving drawing, sketching, painting, and producing crafts, the Arts and Crafts Club’s members are pushed beyond their limit and the artist within them is revealed.


The Photography Club, involved with every institutional event, has one of the most important roles that a club could have. This club captures the memories of the different activities in school, ensuring that the photographs show the spirit of being an OLLCian at heart as the students participate in the activities organized by various clubs.


Teatro Klasiko is a club whose specialization falls into the field of Theatre Arts. This club teaches Students the art of dancing, singing, and acting. Teatro Klasiko also raises the confidence of students through different performances ranging from a simple dance routine to a complicated one, and popular songs into a fabulous concert and powerful solos. A concert takes place every February as the culminating activity of the Teatro Klasiko.


Junior Information and Technological Society is an academic club that teaches its members both the basic and complicated computer processes one should know. This club has its own laboratory for the application their lectures.

Authors: Devon Garcia and Marthyna Flores – G10 Fidelity
photo credits to: ABC

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