OLLC’s Take on Disaster Preparedness

At around 12:30 PM, July 21,2017  in Our Lady of Lourdes College, the students were busy doing their daily activities, when the sound of an air horn echoed throughout the premises. Of course, the students have been informed beforehand about what they should do in case of an inevitable phenomenon such as an earthquake, and because of this, the drill resulted into a success. Some classes have a supply of mats that were sewn triangularly, which can be worn on the head to protect them from falling objects, while most students used thick textbooks; an emergency exit at the side of the junior high school and grade school department building was used during the drill, to ease and quicken the evacuation of students; and the faculty members and the CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training) Officers, showed that they are willing to put the others’ lives before theirs as they accommodated the students that were making their way downstairs by providing first aid to those with small wounds, and by assisting those with an unconscious state of mind, or those with asthma or heart problems to the school’s clinic.

The evacuees proved that they could follow a systematic scheme of clearing out in case of an earthquake, and everyone did their duties well.

I guess we can say that Our Lady of Lourdes College of Valenzuela is definitely fully prepared for an earthquake, and no matter how strong the earth trembles, it wouldn’t bring the OLLCIANs down.

photo credits to: Arlene B Cenal and photography club


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