The Logo

The torch, key, and book symbolize the triadic functions of education. As embossed in the school’s logo the book means quest for academic excellence, while the torch and key stand for a burning commitment and drive in the search for truth. The logo constantly reminds us of the responsibility way beyond simple competence and limited resources.

With faith we beseech the intercession of our Blessed Mother to help us express them meaningfully and thereby unconditionally living them as OLLCians.

Our Lady of Lourdes College, Inc. is a private, non sectarian institution.

Our Identify

OLLC - a learning institution inspired by the chrism of our founder. We fervently stand for Commitment, Excellence and Truth

Our Vision

Committed to promote quality education
In an unceasingly changing and challenging future

Our Mission

To form upright and globally competitive Filipinos

Our Belief

Man is the center of education. As such man’s education must be integrative taking into consideration his/her human and spiritual nature. The totality of education is the development of the whole man-physical, emotionally, socially, intellectually, morally, and spiritually. Naturally, one’s philosophy of education exerts a basic influence on the kind of education and how it is delivered in the classrooms.

Our Lady of Lourdes College was established on Feb. 11, 1986. After twenty-nine years of meaningful existence it is time to reflect on the next quarter of a century. Yesterday’s blessing means undeniable responsibilities that calls for immediate but courageous responses.

Twenty nine years ago Mr. And Dr. Alfredo Demetillo was blessed with an inspiration and courage to plant a small seed meant to nourish the minds of the new generation. From its humble beginning the Our Lady of Lourdes College has blossomed into and educational institution with far reaching influence beyond the confine of Valenzuela City. This phenomenal growth has come about in spite hardship and indescribable challenges expected of a growing institution.

The mission to build a safe OLLC reminds all to be proactive to impending crises which hopefully will not happen. A comprehensive SAFETY PROGRAM does not just include fire and earthquake drills, campus flood control. Hygienic campus with segregated waste management but above all it generates students’ understanding of their responsibilities to prevent any form of student bullying and harassment thereby building a healthy, better organized learning community.

The challenges are significant. The problems are many but the determination to soar towards excellence at 25 is greater. The themes of the jubilee plainly describe the effort not only to rise beyond attitudes of complacency without getting stuck in the past due to perceived solutions that gradually turned into problems. It clearly depicts a bold response to marshal all human and material resources to attain quality in the face of daunting difficulties.

Our claim here may appear exaggerated but in this community of learners we cannot but be passionate in our endeavor to build a learning institution that fully expresses the other meaning of OLLC – Outstanding Life Learning Community.

Our History

The Our Lady of Lourdes College was originally conceived by its Founder (Mr. and Dr. Alfredo Demetillo) on limited scale. There was no indication of an ambitious plan to become a major contributor to provide opportunities to help the youth of Valenzuela City realize their dreams. The sincere concern to help the youth inevitably evolved into a mission. And under this social backdrop this learning institution came to be to serve the educational needs of the growing population.

The preschool initially known as Cherub Learning Center was officially opened in 1986 with a modest enrollment of 17 kindergarten pupils. The Elementary School department was set-up a year later with an unexpected enrolment of 222 students. Four years later, in 1989 twenty pupils received their diplomas as the first batch of the graduates. In 1993, eighty-eight (88) students climbed a make-shift stage and became the first batch of the High School Department. In just a few years, the enrolment more than doubled.

Encouraged by the successful development, the College Department was officially opened in 1994. Four CHED approved courses offered were, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Business administration and Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. The changing societal demand saw the clamor for the introduction of the College of Criminology. It has notably increased the enrolment of the college.

Year 2003 saw the peak in the enrolment of the Elementary school at 1,147 and 1,129 in the High School Department. For the first time the college realized and appreciable enrolment of more than one hundred students. To accommodate this growing population, OLLC management constructed the administration building along Gen T. de Leon. It housed 20 classrooms, an auditorium, a spacious Instructional Media center, complete laboratory, HE room, 2 administrative offices namely, the President’s office, and two principal offices, and an adjacent registrar/ accounting office. Various service sectors that attend to the need of the students are the Medical and Dental clinic, Guidance-Community Extension Center, HRM laboratory, HELE Practice House, Workshop, Bus Service and Canteen.

In not time, after the jubilee is OLLC faced with challenges to ensure that our concerned public come to better understanding of what the institution stand for. Broadening public support and interest means doing more than just aggressive recruitment. Truly there is a need for it, but what good is an increasing enrolment if clientele can be kept in school. As it stands the respectable growth is accelerative in both the human and material resources. Qualified professional who are passionate about their commitment to education have joined the ranks of educator to contribute their share in advancing the lofty mission to uplift the lives of so many youth growing up in conditions that the undermine their lives.

In answer the ADS – (Alfredo Demetillo Scholarshop) of which there are more than 400 hundred beneficiaries keeping the classrooms vibrant and alive.